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    1. ? Delicious Food & Stunning Effects Tailored to Any Budget.

      As of March 2021 Club Windward is under new ownership!

      We still offer the same great services, staff and southern Style food.

      Please contact us at 901.310.4944 or email us at clubwindwardevents@gmail. for menu & pricing information.


      Club Windward is ideal for most all occasions that call for a celebration, most especially wedding receptions, rehearsal dinners, award banquets, corporate events, birthday parties or any other occasion that you want to make memorable. ?We are also known for our outstanding cuisine and amazing decorative displays that are customized to coordinate with every event.

      Proprietors Georgia and Patrick Smith and their staff bine their talents to create amazing experiences perfect for any occasion. ?They place a great deal of emphasis on quality, technique, timing and most of all our trademark artful presentation. The staff hosts every event with unrivaled warmth, skill, experience and genuine southern hospitality.

      Club Windward is conveniently located in Lakeland, just five minutes east of Wolfchase, off Interstate 40 on Canada Road. ?We also cater at many other venues in and around Memphis and the Mid-South.


      Book a Consult with Club Windward

      Please Click Here to set up a consult for a future event. Learn More»

      Like Us!


      Catering at the Location of your Dreams

      Check out some of our favorite offsite locations to see how we can transform a space into a dream e true. Off-site Catering»
      © Copyright Club Windward - Designed by วิธี การ ฟัง เสียง ไฮโล
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